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Beijing THC exports BS/DIN Standard Attachment Roller Chains built in accordance with ISO606, BS228 and DIN8187 in single strand (duplex) and double strand (duplex). Standard attachments include A1, K1, SA1, SK1, D1, D3, WA1, WK1, WA2, WK2, WSA1, WSK1, WSA2 and WSK2.

BS/DIN Standard Attachment Chains (A1 K1 SA1 SK1 D1 D3)
BS/DIN Standard Attachment Chains (WA1 SK1 WA2 WK2)

BS/DIN Standard Attachment Chains (WSA1 WSK1 WSA2 WSK2)


1) When ordering attachment chains, please specify base chain number, types (or styles) of attachment, attachment spacing and packed chain length. For example, 16BNP-K2X2L-80L means the base chain is BS/DIN standard short pitch precision roller chain 16B, connected with K2 attachments every second link, and the chain is packed in 80 links per length including one connecting link, both the base chain and attachments are nickel-plated.
2) If possible, supply a drawing of sketch to avoid errors or confusion of design and assembly. If attachment chains are to be used in pairs, please inform us so that assembled chain lengths can be matched accordingly.
3) All products are available in zinc-plated (ZP), nickel-plated (NP), copper-plated (CP), dacrotised (DT), and stainless steel (SS) versions. Hollow pin (HP) and side bow (SB) versions are also available.
4) Made to order attachments are available on request. For the information of base chain, please visit BS/DIN Standard Roller Chains.

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