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Double Flex Chains (or dairy case conveyor chains) rotate on two planes, making it an ideal choice fro a wide variety of applications. The pin bearing surfaces and selected sliding surfaces are induction hardened for extended wear life. The double flex chain offers a large sliding area to decrease shear on the chain and the sliding surface because design allows maximum flexibility for both horizontal and vertical movement. This versatility allows compact layouts and economical cost. The mechanically designed cupped shape of the outer link plates of DF3500 and DF3910 eases side flex movement and protects rivet ends. This feature also prevents pin wear at the end. DF3498 offers flexibility with straight outer link plates.

Double Flex Chains

THC Chain # P W L h2 T L d2 Flex Radius. Q (kN)
DF3500 76.20
16.00 38.10 31.80 6.40 36.50 14.50 508 213
DF3910 76.20
16.00 38.10 31.80 6.40 36.50 14.50 560 213
DF3498 63.50
16.30 36.80 35.60 7.90 36.90 16.00 457 213

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