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Most of THC brand engineering class straight sidebar steel bushed roller conveyor chains features solid bushes and solid rollers with double roof rivets, and meets/exceeds world famous brands you care to name.

THC brand engineering class straight sidebar roller conveyor chains include:

- 81X, 81XH, 81XHH, 81XRT, 81XSS, 81XHSS, S1183, S1184, S1800+, S554, S554+, SS554, SS554+, SR131
- S1120, S1121, S1122, S1195, S4019, S1119, S2400+, S2188, SS555, S531, S1140, S1113, S1197, S1198
- S1116, S2190, S2190F, SS556, SS556F, S1036, RS658F, S1114, S1670, RS611P, RS611F, S2180, S951, S1141
- CC5, SS6, SS6SP, RS622P, RS622F, S3600+, SS96, SS944+, SS1776, S1131, S2130, S1920, SS996, S645
- S6910, ZA2184+, ZA2178A, ZA2198, S9063, S3939, ZA2800, S1117, RS958F, RS911P, RS911F, RS922P, RS922F
- RS932P, RS932F, RS933P, RS933F, RS933 1/2P, RS944P, RS944F, RS944 1/2P, S4004, S4065A, S1209A, S1118
- RS1258F, RS1211P, RS1211F, RS1221P, RS1221 1/2P, RS1222P, RS1222F, RS1232P, RS1232F, RS1233P, RS1233F
- RS1233 1/2P, RS1244P, RS1244F, RS1244 1/2P, S1245, RS1255P, RS1255F, RS1822P, RS1822F, RS1832P
- RS1832F, RS1833P, RS1833F, RS1844P, RS1844F, RS1855P, RS1855F, RS1866F, RS2444P, RS2444F, RS2455P
- RS2455F, RS2466F; 162R, 378R, US-620X, 378RX, 462R, 20002, 87R, US-278R, 26001, 327R, 53R, 93R, 119R
- 30701, 94R, 82R, 83R, 84R, 85R, 89R, US-90R, 91R, 95R, 97R, 1188R, US-3433, U-3952, U-3945, US-3957
- 40001, 40002, 40003, 1113R, 2113R, US-2858, 42501, 50001, 52501, 52502, 614R, 631R, 86R, 96R, 96RX
- DS-196R, US-196R, 602R, 603R, 604R, 607R, 610R, 625R, 626R, 628R, 829R, 632R, 633R, 634R, B-663R
- 2178R, 629R, 2198RX, 627R, SDS-604R, 1126S, 1126RS, 1126R, 1131R, 1604R, 1630R, 2178RX, 2130R
- U-3940, 2184R, 2184RX, 6053R, DS-6272, 9063RXX, U-9856, 60001, 60002, X-658, 800RX, 806R, 834R, 896R
- 80002, 80003, 809R, B-912R, B-963R, 925R, D-963R, E-963R, B-964R, 961R, 4009, 4004, 973R, 4065
- 90001, 90002, 90003, 90004, B-1264R, 1276R, 1272R, B-1212R, B-1263R, D-1263R, E-1263R, 1273R, 1265R
- B-1266R, 1271R, 1706R, 2397R, 2614R, 12001, 12002, 12003, B-1864R, B-1863R, F-1863R, 1873R, 1866R
- G-1864R, 1867R, 1871R, 3939, etc.

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