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WH series is designed for hot-rolled coil line, slat and ingot continuous-casting line, and slab trimming conveyor line, cold-rolled coil line, transfer conveyor and the like. Compared to ordinary conveyor chain, chains used in steelworks handle heavier loads in a harsh demanding working conditions filled with metal dusts, high temperature and humidity (as on the hot-rolled line). In order to overcome such problems, Beijing THC offer WH series carrier chains for steel-making applications which has twice the durability of conventional chains.

Carrier chain for coil conveyor

THC Chain #Pd1b1d2U. T. S. (daN) A. T. S. (daN)
WH60300 3001256028850060000
WH60500 500
WH903003001356530 1280090000
WH90400 400
WH130300300150 703818500 130000
WH160400 40017580 4122800160000
WH160600 600
WH200600600 180904528500200000

Carrier chain for slab transfer
Pitch size available: 300, 400, 500, 600 mm
Average breaking load: 60 to 200 kN

Long pitch heavy carrier chains (BG600, pitch 600 mm, breaking load 1,470 kN)

Long pitch heavy carrier chains (MA1, pitch 700 mm, breaking load 5,400 kN)

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