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Nickel-Plated Chains, dimensionally identical to short-pitch and double-pitch equivalents, are most commonly used for outdoor situations, or in a mildly corrosive atmosphere. Nickel-plating of all components prior to assembly assures uniform coverage to produce maximum effect of the plating process. While selecting chains, please bear in mind that the corrosion resistance of nickel-plated chains is far less than that of stainless steel chains. Though the tensile strength and wear resistance are almost the same, the fatigue strength is about 10 to 15% less than as it short-pitch or double-pitch equivalents.

BS/DIN Standard Zinc-Plated Roller Chains

THC Chain #Pd1b1d2tTh2 PtLLcU.T.S. (kN)Wt. (kg/m)
05BZP-18.00 7.00-7.809.205.000.20
05BZP-2 5.6413.5014.907.800.39
06BZP-19.525 6.355.723.281.001.27 8.20-12.5413.509.000.41
06BZP-2 10.2422.8023.8016.900.77
08BZP-112.70 8.517.754.451.651.65 11.80-17.0018.2018.000.76
08BZP-2 13.9231.0032.2032.001.50
10BZP-115.875 10.169.655.081.651.65 14.60-19.2020.5022.400.98
10BZP-2 16.5935.8037.2044.501.90
12BZP-119.05 12.0711.685.721.801.80 16.00-22.0023.4029.001.25
12BZP-2 19.4641.5042.9057.802.46
16BZP-125.40 15.8817. 20.90-35.3036.7060.002.74
16BZP-2 31.8867.2068.60106.005.51
20BZP-1 31.7519.0519.5610.193.60 4.5026.00-40.4044.0095.003.93
24BZP-1 38.1025.4025.4014.635.00 6.0033.00-53.3057.70160.007.18
28BZP-1 44.4527.9430.9915.906.00 7.5036.70-65.1069.00200.009.42

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