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Poly-Steel Chains are lube-free chains used in food or medicine production. These chains can be used in power-transmission applications, and, with the addition of attachments on the outer plates, as conveyors. Construction and Features: The chains are a construction of outer links (outer plates and pins) made of SS304, and inner links made of engineered plastic. There are no rollers.

ANSI Poly-Steel Chains
Size available: 25PS, 35PS, 40PS, 50PS and 60PS

Its features are as follows:
1. Inner links are made of a self-lubricating material; therefore, the chains do not require lubrication. The wear resistance of these chains is higher than that of Stainless Steel Roller Chains without lubrication.
2. Because the inner link is made of plastic, the noise caused by engagement with the sprocket is lower (about 5 dB lower than Standard Roller Chain).
3. PC Chain is very light; about half that of Standard Roller Chains.
4. The maximum allowable tension varies from 0.08 to 0.88 kN.

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