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THC brand stainless steel miniature chains (or mini chains or ultra small chains) are divided into two series in terms of its construction: one is stainless steel miniature bushed chain (or bush chain) like 11SS (pitch 3.7465 mm or 0.1475") and 15SS (pitch 4.7625 mm or 0.1875"), the other is stainless steel miniature roller chain like 03BSS (pitch 5.00 mm) and 04BSS (pitch 6.00 mm). Miniature bush chain is also referred as miniature rollerless chain, miniature bushing chain or miniature bushed chain.

Miniature Chain

THC stainless steel miniature chains are specially designed for use where space is extremely limited as in office equipment, communications equipment, and business machines. With all parts made of 300 class stainless steel, both 11SS and 15SS stainless steel chains are made of solid bushes, while 03BSS and 04BSS are of solid bush and solid roller chains. The chains 03BBSS and 04BBSS are also available in bushed version on request.

THC Chain # P d1 b1 d2 T t h2 L Lc U.T.S. (kN) Wt. (kg/m)
11SS 3.7465 2.29 1.83 1.57 0.38 0.38 3.51 4.60 5.44 0.54 0.05
15SS 4.7625 2.48 2.38 1.62 0.57 0.57 4.40 5.70 6.80 0.90 0.07
03BSS 5.00 3.20 2.50 1.49 0.60 0.60 4.10 6.30 7.20 1.20 0.08
04BSS 6.00 4.00 2.80 1.85 0.60 0.60 5.00 6.60 7.50 1.26 0.11

1) The above stainless steel miniature chains (marked with shade) are available from stock and can be shipped off the shelf within 24 hours after receipt of the payment.
2) Stainless steel miniature chain sprockets or plate wheels are available to suit the above chains on a made-to-order basis. Contact THC sales department for details.

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