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Oil Field Chains are used for oil-field drilling and producing operations such as mud pump drives, engine compounds, tubular and casing draw works input, transmission drives, camshafts, low and high drum, rotary countershafts, and rotary tables. These chains are also used in mining, logging and ball mill applications. Safety and reliability is paramount for oil field chains. Only a few highly professional chain manufacturers can offer this product, THC is one of them!

Oil Field Chain: Decuplex
Oil Field Chain: Decuplex (Ten Strand Oil Field Chain)

ANSI Chain # ISO Chain # P d1 b1 d2 h2 t/T Pt L Lc U.T.S. (kN) Wt. (kg/m)
120OFC-10 24A 38.10 22.23 25.22 11.1 36.1 4.75 45.44 458.9 463.1 1,251.0 59.63
140OFC-10 28A 44.45 25.40 25.22 12.7 42.1 5.56 48.87 493.5 498.2 1,702.7 76.81

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