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Engineering Class Heavy Duty Offset Sidebar Steel Drive Roller Chains (or offset sidebar drive chains, or steel drive chains, or heavy duty cranked link roller chains are designed for oil rigs, mining applications, power shovels and hoists, road building equipment, mineral extraction and lumber industry, and other heavy-duty construction machinery.

Engineering Class Heavy Duty Offset Sidebar Steel Drive Roller Chains

The use of specially selected alloy steels and heat-treated parts ensures long trouble-free life for slow or moderate speed drive, conveying and elevating applications where harsh environment conditions prevail. Other applications are also found in paper mills, agitators, blowers, brewing and distilling, compressors, conveyors, cranes, crushers, dredges, elevators, fans, feeders, food industry, laundry washers, machine tools, metal mills, rotary type mills, concrete mixers, oil industry, printing presses, pumps, rubber and plastic industries, sewage disposal equipment and textile industry. Offset Sidebar Chains are also called as Cranked Link Chains in European countries.

THC Chain # P d1 b1 d2 L h2 T Q(min) (kN) Wt. (kg/m)
OS2010 63.50 31.75 38.10 15.90 90.70 47.80 7.90 254 15.0
OS2512 77.90 41.28 39.60 19.08 103.40 60.50 9.70 342 18.0
OS2814 88.90 44.45 38.10 22.25 117.60 60.50 12.70 471 25.0
OS3315 103.45 45.24 49.30 23.85 134.90 63.50 14.20 552 27.0
OS3618 114.30 57.15 52.30 27.97 141.20 79.20 14.20 761 38.0
OS4020 127.00 63.50 69.90 31.78 168.10 91.90 15.70 990 52.0
OS4824 152.40 76.20 76.20 38.13 187.50 104.60 19.00 1,400 73.0
OS5628 177.80 88.90 82.60 44.48 215.90 133.40 22.40 1,890 108.0

The following offset sidebar chains are also available
(minimum order quantity will be applied to the ordering of such chains):
- US3011, US3514, US1245, 450SXX, US5028, US6042, US2065R, US2585, US1031, 1190SX, US1242, 1240-RX
- 1240-SX, 1037, 3125, 3125-2, 3448XX, 520RX, B3113, R1248, R432, S5022, SS124+, SS1245, SS124H
- SS1616A, SS1645H, SS1645HH, SS2012, SS2065, SS2510, SS2511, SS25H, SS3125H, SS3214, SS3615
- SS40, SS4014N, SS4014S, SS4016, SS4016LR, SS40H, SS4118, SS5022H, SS5022P, SS514, SS5524
- SS568H, SS568HH, SS5724, SS6024, SS635H, SS635HH, US1030, US1241, US1353, US2065, US4031, US4121
- US4122, US5042, US5738, US6066, US64S, US6566, US7080, X3140, X3160, US7080, 2411, 2412, 2512A
- 3014, 3214E, 3214F, 3216C, 1578, 1034, 5208, 1039, R2342, R2405, R1251, RR2397, R1706, R2614, RO2113
- 1604, SR3130, H3011, H238, H1245, H635, H1602A, H6042, H2070, H2585, HP3, HP3H, H1242, HP4, HP4H
- LSX3011-M, RO2512, LXS3514-M, RO2814, LXS1245-M, RO3315, LXS4522-M, RO3618, LXS5028-M, LXS4020
- LXS6042, RO4824, LMX2070-M, RO3160S, LXS2585-M, RO3200, LSX1031-M, RO1031, LXS3075-M, RO40HYPER
- LXS1242-M, LXS1241-M, SS1241PLUS, SS124-2, 4P, MSS6065, MXS1242, MXS2070, MXS3075, MXS5035
- MXS5542, MXS6565, MXS881, MXS882, MXS88B, MXS3011, MXS3514, MXS1245l, MXS45SS, MXS5028, MXS5031
- MXS6042, MXS2070, MXS1031, MXS3075, MXS1242, MXS124, AX1568, RX238, RX1245, RO635, RX1207, RO1306
- R514, R1033, 1030, CAHMP#3, 1244, CHAMP#4, JS3011, JS3514J, JS1245A, JS4522, JS5031, JS6042, 1265A
- JS1031, 3DD, JS4014, JS4110, 4DD, RO568, RO1616, RO1245, RO635, RO1602AA, RO6042, RO1613K
- RO1625, RO3, RO3H, RO4, RO5, RO4HF, FX2184, FX9184, RO3140, RO3160, RO588, RO1112, RO1124B, RO1124
- RO1125, RO0904, RO1113, RO1130, RO2184, RO2184A, RO0906, RO09060, RO09061, RO2178A
- US622, US620X, RO3140, US2, US2065, RO3160, RO3180, US770, RO25H, US2570, US64S, US64SH, RO1625
- US881, US882, 1184RX, 344SXX, US3075, US1030, US1032, 3125R, D3125R, T3125R, RO3125,351RX, US4031
- US1241, US4121, US1353, X3808, US4522, US5031, US5035, US5042, US5542, US5738, US6066, US6560, US6566
- US7060, US7080 (SS62P, R434, 462RX, IS622, LXS622, RO622, R2362, JB2, 1613A, RO1613AK, LXS2055, IS2065
- IS2065S, LXS2065, US2065, 3113, R506, LXS770, 1094, 1094C, R51A, R514, 1041AA, 1625A, 1627B, 1641AA
- RO2012, LXS2560, US2560, IS2570, IS2570A, LXS2570, US2570, LXS2585, RO3200, S17, 520P, A520, RO520
- S520, XS520, ISS2625, 5520, SS88P, SS433, 433 1/2, 433 1/2P, S517, 588RX, A588, R588, RO588, R778, IS881
- LXS881, RO881, IS882, JS882, LXS882, RO882, A522, SS522, SS522P, 1184R, X345, 1630A, AX1568, SS568P
- X568, 1568, 1803AB, RO2512, IS3010, IS3011, LXS3011, RO3011, 3067X, 3DD, 3P, CHAMP3, RO40
- RO40HHYPER, SS40HYPER, SS40P, XXS40, 103RC, 527R, 527RX, S554, S554PLUS, 1030, 1030DW3, IS1030
- JS1030, US1030, IS1031, JS1031, LXS1031, LXS1031M, RO1031, IS1032, LXS1032, 1033, R1033, SS1033, R1035
- IS1037, 1190R, 1190R3, 1190RX, 1190RXX, 1190SXX, R1305, 1640A, IS3075, JS3075, 3125, 3125HY, 3125HY2
- 3125HY3, 3125R, D3125, D3125R, RO3125, SS3125HY, SS3125, T3125, T3125R, RX238, 1616A, RO1616, RO2814
- IS3514, JS3514, LXS3514, 234PB, SS234PLUS, US4028, RO4214, HP4, RO4, RO124, SS124, SS124DP, S557
- S557PLUS, XXS1240, 1240RXX, 1240, LXS1241M, US1241, IS1242, LXS1242M, LXS1242, RO1242, 1244, 1347
- JS4014, JS4106, JS4110, 1245SXX, B1245, IS1245, J1245A, LXS1245, RO1245, RX1245, 1645A, 1645AB, RO3315
- XXS1245, RO1343, X1343, X1345, US1353, X1353, US4122, 2995, X3808, 635A, B635, RO635, TXS635, X635
- XXS635, RO3618, IS4522, 1202P, A1202, SS1202, SS1202P, SS1204P, XXXS1205, 1207, RO1207, RX1207
- 1510RXX, 1602A, 1602AA, RO1602AA, 1605AAA, RO4020, IS5022, LXS5022, US5022, IS5028, LXS5028
- US5028A, US5028N, IS5031, 1601A, A1306, RO1306, 1606AA, 1626A, RO4824, IS6040, US6040, IS6042
- JS6042, X1311, RO1307, A1309, 1607AA, JS7055, IS7060

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