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THC brand lifting and pulling chains (haulage chain or drag chain) including AL, BL/LH, LL and FL series leaf chains, rollerless chain, heavy duty roller chain, galle chain, bar and pin chain, draw bench chain, and high tensile round link chain.
THC Leaf Chains (Lifting Chains, Pulling Chains, Galle Chains, Draw Bench Chains)
  1. AL Series Light Duty Leaf Chains: AL422 - AL1666
  2. BL (LH) Series Heavy Duty Leaf Chains: BL422 - BL2088
  3. BL (LH) Corrosion Resistant Leaf Chains: BL422DT - BL1088
  4. LL Series Light Duty Leaf Chains (ISO 4347, DIN 8152): LL0822 - LL3266
  5. Stainless Steel Leaf Chains (AL, BL/LH and LL series) on request.
  6. Car Parking Chain: 80LT - 120LT
  7. Galle Chain (DIN 8150): 1520 - 120180
  8. Bar and Pin Chain (Stud Chain): BP2104 - BP2136
  9. Draw Bench Chains (DIN 8156 & DIN 8157): DB and BD Series
  10. Heavy Duty Straight Sidebar Chain: Z2814 - Z5628
  11. Standard Bucket Elevator Chains: DT150 - DT250
  12. Round Link Chains for Lifting Applications
  13. Roller Chain and Bush Chain for Lifting Applications

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